Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sure, my boyfriend wont mind

For all you guys out there who arent treating your woman right this shoot is for you. Im sure most of you being as you are my fans are wonderful human beings and treat your girls (if you have one) with proper respect and admiration...ok i dont really give a shit abot that what is important is that youre fucking them properly cause if you dont she will run astray and it would be no ones fault but your own...as in this shoot here i am studying lah di dah when i wanna fuck but wheres my boyfriend (of course you guys know i dont really have a boyfriend per say as far as im concerned all you are my boyfriend but for the sake of this shoot being an example for you guys) so where was i..oh yes im home studying when i could be fucking but my boyfriend is too busy not fucking me to fuck me so i get this call from a friend whos been diggin me but ive held off due to me being in a relationship (again im not really in one!) so sense my boyfirend is not around to fuck i allow the guy to ocme over and well, youll see.....


A Helping Hand

You know me the good semaratin always willing to give a helping hand when needed...so when i got a call from my friend Calisan saying she was in a big crisi i iddint hestitate to see what it was i could do to help apparantly she had this new boyfriend who was a bit timid in the bedroom with her making the sex all not that great and becuse of this she found she wasnt performing very well herslef it turns out all the other guys shes been with have been so overly aggressive shes never had to be the one to pu on the moves now that she has this timid guy she finmd she doesnt know what to do so leave it to me to do everything in power to help the only thing i wanted in return from themn was to be able to film it so all you guys could see it to surprisinglee enough they were into it although you can tell they were a but camera shy but they got over it after a while so i go through all the motions with these guys handjobs and blowjobs to all the various sexual posistion it should make a very intertaining as well as education video for you all..enjoy!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Helloooooooooo Nurse

Or is the expression goodbye nurse? Or is it goodnight...i dont whatever i think you guys get the picture i thought it would be fun to call up my buddy tiffany and do this here nurse theme for you guys...ive actually been wanting to do this for a while i got the idea when i was watching my friend brian (whos the quote, unquote stud in this shoot) play basketball and he twisted his knee...and just so happened to remember that my bud tiffany had these nurse outfit from last halloween thus creating this weeks new update for you guys. So i guess you could say its half fiction half reality seeing as we are obviosuly not real nurses but my friend brian really did hurt his knee and we did give him a real two way blowjob and he did really bust a load alot earlier than i had expected and i was really upset cause both i and tiffany wanted to get our brains fucked out seeing as this whole nurse thing was getting us real hot. I coudlt get too mad seeing as i do give the worlds best blowjob and when you add my friend tiffany to the equation he didnt stand a chance but nonetheless since he busted from our blow we had no choice but for me and tiff to fuck each other...which we did...in a jaccuzzi...which was really hot...and i know you will all enjoy!!!!


Sativa Rose

OK guys listen up!! Of all the requests i get you guys theres one that gets brought up more than all the rest and yes im sure you can guess which one that is...you guessed it...Anal!! And for all you hardcore fans of mine you know ive never done anal and id be lying to you if i told you it scares me a bit but you also know my one porpuse in life is to do everything i can to please you guys so i thought doing this shoot with the oh so popular porn star sativa rose would be a step in the right direction. While i didnt exactly dive in head first into the anal porn pool think of this as my first swimming lesson where i just barely got my head under water. I had my new found friend sativa show me a thing or too in how this anal sex thing works. As far as the inside of my ass all we did for this shoot was let sativa finger it andinspect it...which i should add she says i have one of the loveliest assholes shes seen and it be a shame to waste such a good lookin asshole by not doing any anal...but anyway...so we fooled around mostly her fooling around with my ass...then i got a up close and personal display of what a hardcore anal scene is all about. Let me tell you when my freinds found out i was doing a scene with sativa rose my phone rang non stop for weeks but i had to choose one friend to fuck her and james was that lucky winner. Point being sativa makes anal look oh so fun as you guys will be able to see in this shoot and im that much closer to doing it myself enjoy!!!


The Return of Ghost of the Creature's Surprise Part II

Remember the last shoot i did with my buddy charity and the dude hiding in the closet..wasnt that a fun one? i thougt so, so im bringin it back only this time with my beautiful buddy ashlynn. Im not even gunna try to pretend that she didnt know he was there the whole time cause its pretty bloody obvious but we just thought it be a nice scary theme to have my friend Cuba pretend like hes stalking us while we get on some hot lezbo action. In the spirit of halloween you know since it is right around teh corner in only 9 months!!! hehe yeah i know thats not exactly right around teh corner so sue me!! Doesnt ashlynn have the nicest tits what a cutie too i love girls that say "ya'll! She was also nice enough to bring over some toys i hope you guys like double sided dildos i know i sure do! We also did some nice strap on stuff its always fun to pretend to be a guy and really ramrod another girl. Ashlynn gets real into it. Oh what fun id hope you guys enjoy this shoot but i dont have to becuase unless there something wrong with you you most definitly will have fun with this one. See ya'll later!!


Poppin A Cherry

Everynow and then we here at brandibelle.com (being me brandi and my two trusted crewman) like to give back to the community. I understand that there are those of you out there who ...whats the word...who have never had sex. I know this because i have had many emails from guys who for one reason or another are still virgins even into their adulthood. Just here is one of those guys im talking about. He has sent me many emails asking for my help. Finally (and after seeing a picture of him) ive decided to come to his rescue. This shoot tells the story of his struggle to lose his virginity and finally his triumph in concurring all his fears and doubts that he would forever be a virgin. I am proud to say that i have cured him of this ailment. Im not going to lie it wasnt easy for him and for a while we had some rough treadin and i wasnt sure he was gunna be able to pull it off. But with my aid i mean come on...really...how could a guy not blow a load with me. I dont mean to be conceded or nothin but i am hot stuff...right?!! When it was all said and done he told me he was going to put me in his will which i thought was so cute..then he wined and dined me...well if you consider Arbys wining and dining, apparantly he does. It feels so good to help the less fortunate so keep them emails comin guys you never know who could be next..but above all enjoy this shoot its the feel good porn of the season!!!


Another Fan Gets His Wish

Just think guys one of you could be next! This guy Harvey has been emailing me non stop for some time now and so since it had been a while since i have "done" one of you guys i figured he had earn the privalige to be on this shoot. Also he was willing which is also important and boy was this guy willing however...I have heard from a friend that she thought she had seen this guy on a porn site before which did raise some concerns with me but oh well too late now and we had a great time and he really seemed to genuinly enjoy me and all my sucking and fucking wonder now that i think about it he did try to take charge of the fucking quite a few times which made me wonder cause im always assuming you fans would be too nervous to do that but who knows. But than again he kept mentioning his wife (which i thought was hilarious) and kept saying how he wished his wife could fuck like me and suck like me and all this hilarious stuff. Should i feel bad about that...no cause if she really cared shed try a bit harder to satisfy her man thats what i always say. I wish i could do more of this reaching out to my fans bussiness and i promise you that will really try so keep the emails coming cause you never know who might be next.

Bedroom Bandits II

I can't believe this happened again, another guy fell asleep on me but lucky for you guys he did since it seems to make for a great shoot. Last time if i remember correctly i was with my friend eve when the guy (i forget his name hehe) passed out in our hotel room after a long night out. And this time was pretty much the same thing only this time im with my friend charity (who you all know and adore) and this guy..i think his name was Andrew or something. This guy was out cold. Since this was the second time you guys have seen this i decided to up the ante a bit by not only giving this a guy a blowjob from both me and charity but i actually fucked him. I mean i was riding him and everything and the dude never woke up. His dick sure was wide awake though and i can only imagine what the dude was dreaming about while Charity and myself had our way with him. We both really enjoyed it i only wish there was a way to induce this kind of non being awake state in more guys without being illegal cause it really brings something different to sex and its just alot of fun. For a while i thought maybe he was pretending to be asleep just cause he realized we were getting off on it so much but now i can tell you for a fact he was honestly asleep and didnt remember any of it when he woke up the next morning. You guys are gunna love this!!


Dildo Play

I know how much you guys liked dasani so heres a fun video of us playing with some "toys"....It was time for us to test out some dildo's not only on ourselves but each other. Some people think its silly when girls get together to use dildos cause they thnk we might as well get a guys cock, but the real thing isnt alwys the best thing. I depends on what mood youre in. And today it just so happened i was in the mood for dasani and since she doesnt have a dick( thank god dhe doesnt) we used a variety of toys a s a wonderful replacement. Today was alot of fun with dasani. It was great sticking a dildo in her little pussy and watching her expression on how good it felt. Dasani got so horny that she started to give the dildo a blowjob. After she had a great orgasm it was my turn and ofcourse I had one ;) I always do!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Sex 101

I am a firm believer in the belief of believing in redundancy....jk haha i crack myself up...no but seriously in the belief that you are never to old to learn knew stuff even if you think you know everything about a certain a subject (even sex!) there is still someone out there that knows a little more and can teach you...knowledge is power!!! this is why i brought over my friends Cameron and Sabrina to teach me a few of there own techniques. While it was all pretty puch the basics we went through kissing handjobs blowjobs a couple sexual positions these ladies added a certain nuance which only a woman with as much experience as they have could bring. It was also done scientifically as we would mark which technique worked best for each manuever according to krys' (the ever so lucky test subject) opinion on what he thought worked best. its funny how it seems to be the smallest little differences in the way people either give blowjobs or handjobs or any of the many sex positions...its funny how the little change in technique can make such a big difference. I have to admit i did think i knew everything about bjs and hjs and what nots but i do believe i walked away from this session with a little more knowledge on the subject than i had before. Enjoy guys!!